An institute of higher consciousness learning, paving the way for a university of the future for students of consciousness. and human development. We provide courses for accreditation and certification within the industry of consciousness development primarily Neuroplastic Mental Acceleration (NMA) as a foundational program for those wishing to develop a career in human potential with the opportunity to follow a path to a sustainable career, Masters or PhD.


Scientific research has shown that the cognitive function of the human race has declined since the Second World War, and that decline has accelerated due to the psychological implications of the covid pandemic, as well as the sustained fear of climate change, terrorism, war, energy and food crisis etc. High levels of sustained stress, has impacted the capability of the human mind to make effective decisions, a situation that has been compounded by the uncertain nature of the future of work due to AI, automation, and the fourth industrial revolution.

The Consciousness University was founded by the Council For Human Development, to counter this global psychologically debilitating trend, that has caused widespread toxic stress and brain damage, as well as mental & physical health issues on a level that has never been experienced before. 

In addition

Soft skills are becoming the most desirable commodity by employers, with the focus on critical thinking, creative problem-solving, empathetic understanding, co-creation and agility of mind, all essential to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world.

Our mission, is to not only provide essential support and mental retraining to the current work force, but to also provide the children and the youth of today and tomorrow, with the necessary tools to be effective in their lives, tools that are simply not taught at school or in the training and coaching industry. 

This is why The Consciousness University uses the latest developments in neuroscience, behavioural science, social science, as well as psychological understanding, to develop the structure of the brain FIRST and FOREMOST, to literally save lives by providing the agility of mind to cope with as yet unknown challenges of the near future..

Our background

As the lead authority in Neural Plastic Acceleration, The Council For Human Development’s research extends back over fifteen years, looking at the latent capacity of the human mind — as well as the mentally suppressive nature of modern life. Our teachings, are drawn from our own proprietary clinical research with groups and individuals for more than a decade, as well as the greatest minds of the last 3000 years — such as Socrates, Plato, Freud, Jung, Hill, Haanel, Maslow, Einstein and Plank, to name but a few. 

Our approach is a holistic one, based around seven key aspects of human awareness: psychological, theological, philosophical, physiological, metaphysical, quantum physical and spiritual. Our focus is on the neuroplasticity of the brain, and how through specific techniques of mental acceleration, the bandwidth and frequency of the brain’s operation can be expanded without limitation; firstly increasing confidence, communication & creativity, as well as self and social awareness, then into an agile strategic understanding within the flow state of hemispheric synchronisation in gamma and theta brain waves. And finally into the complete release of the experiential wisdom bank, the mind space, and channeling; for accelerated thought, thought to verbalisation, and super creativity, within high levels of critical thought and linguistic prowess (Socratic argument).

The difference between NMA and conventional learning and training.

In essence, we focus on developing the brain’s structure first — the band width, before effective learning can be applied. This means the “wise domain”, the “mind space” has to be opened. This is in stark contrast to conventional education and training, that actively closes down the brain through overload, by concentrating on repetition, retention, and regurgitation; overwhelming the mindset with information, causing damage through toxic stress on a neurological and psychological level; whilst also programming the mind to self identify through limitation, fear and blame.  

We recognise there are two identities co-existing within a person. The first being an embryo psychological autopilot of identity, born of the first birth of mind and body, that remains in the ascendency until the second spiritual birth (personal actualisation) is accomplished. This shell identity, is restrictive on many psychological and behavioural levels, within an identity avatar that has ever stronger defence mechanisms to maintain its ascendency within the mindset, the older the person becomes, at the expense of fluid intelligence. This psychological suppression and conformity, into the convergent left-brain process driven thought, suits the roles that the current commercial pyramidal system of power maintains. In effect, as Jung put it..

“The unconscious will be ascendant until you make the unconscious conscious – until you do this you will call it fate.”

Once the autopilot has been switched off, the person self and socially actualises into the second identity within the “mind space”, developing through the second birth into a limitless self identification (in contrast to self identification through limitation), consequently experiencing free-flowing expansive gamma and theta thought, that has very high problem-solving capability, as as well as super-creative abilities; that were the natural states of living and experiencing we were born to enjoy from a relatively early age. In effect, before the second birth, the ascendant brain is primarily in alpha and beta brain waves, convergent/left brain in thought, within a negative polarity; working at 40 bits of data per second in the conscious mind, while the unconscious is in the ascendency running adopted programs of limitation from restrictive social exposure — at 40 million bits of data per second. Within the current social structure, free developmental thought & fluid intelligence are unnaturally suppressed by the age of 25, causing considerable long-term mental and physical harm. 

Our studies show that intellectual intelligence on its own, is socially dangerous. As knowledge in itself, does not retain wisdom — which is awareness — a greater understanding of self, existence and society. Intelligence on its own, especially at high levels, could  be deemed as a form of stupidity, for the acts and opinions it takes and self justifies, are through a sense of ignorance of its own fallibility; in effect, it has illusory superiority, based on its educationally recognised intellectual prowess, which is primarily founded on the accumulation of knowledge, like a library, but not the wisdom and awareness to use it from multiple perspectives. In essence, they form opinion, and do so within their perceived social status founded on academic prowess, thus they see the world through very very limited eyes. This in itself has led to the creation of weapons and ideologies by the intelligentsia, that are lunacy to the average person. There is a link between the cold psychopathic thought of those who seek power for its own sake, and those whose intelligence levels can facilitate heinous plans to the potential destruction of the planet.

The recent pandemic is a case in point; intellectuals with specialist understanding only seeing through one lense as a solution, yet completely disregarding the secondary affects of their cure strategy. Effects the world will now suffer, out of the syndrome of intellectual ignorance. 

Ignorance in terms of the limited intellectual capacity of an individual, or the awareness capacity of an intellectual, are very dangerous problems in our current society, and thus why the Consciousness University is not only an institution focussed on the elevation of human consciousness as the next step to human evolution, but also our salvation — as ever greater world-destroying powers are created by scientists with ever lower levels of awareness of their actions. If science had awareness, those same intellectuals would never have created chemical, atomic or biological warfare, but solutions to our problems that didn’t revolve around profits or power over people, but the liberation of minds and lives from poverty, inequality and suppression. 

The acceptance of one’s potential and the way neuroplasticity can change to give greater levels of awareness, is the first step to becoming a student of the university. Then the individual must take steps to set aside their current identity of limitation, to explore the mind in all its levels of awareness. This is essential for all people to do to avoid developing AI in our current likeness — An unaware AI, modelled on unaware scientists, programmers, politicians and leaders, modelled on a populations’ unconscious nature, that will spell the destruction of our world. 

How awareness/consciousness is increased

The first aspect to understand, is that consciousness/awareness cannot be increased by gaining more knowledge. Remembering knowledge, is not a higher state of awareness, it’s a good memory. As a society, we focus on retention, not application of knowledge or creative problem-solving, or critical thought or empathetic understanding. 

Increasing consciousness means the structure of the brain itself has to be addressed. For example, a 16 bit computer can run a 16 bit program, but not a 64 bit program. Consequently, to gain more awareness, the very structure — the neuroplasticity has to be addressed first, and thus can be done with mastery of function, intention and environment, the three factors that build synapses… new pathways of thought, giving greater levels of  awareness and choice in behaviour.

First steps of becoming aware

Once we are aware that 98% of children have a genius level of innovative & creative capacity, and this is down to 2% by the age of 31, the immediate  question is — why, and can this be reversed?

Exposure of the brain to conditioning that is left-brain convergent, every day for 11 to 20 years, has a powerfully suppressive effect. It conditions the brain towards process thought and crystallised intelligence, at the expense of fluid intelligence, mental agility and creative problem-solving. So much so, that the autopilot identity — the shell, has to create ever more self-serving mental structures of limitation, to egoistically navigate its limitations. 

The process of re-engaging the mind for growth, requires the individual to accept they can be more on a fundamental level —  this is called PQ… potential quota. 

Once this decision is consciously made, the existing shell identity has to be overwhelmed by exposure to high levels of challenging existential and esoteric information, through one-to-one conversation, by a trainer in flow thought — who is in mind space, not mindset. The mind is to a degree crashed within this process, so the inauthentic identity avatar can no longer function; consequently it resets and becomes open to growth, rather than experiencing the experience of living, through a restrictive lens filter of the unconscious’s personal perspective reality. 

This process must be supported by a cohesive community, that are all on the expansion path, with an “us” mentality rather than an “I” focus, as well as a positive polarity within the group. This support also requires a substantial amount of audio/visual material, as the process is on-going in the fight against external forces of suppression, as the mind, just like a muscle, can grow or alternatively experience atrophy. 

The next step, is for the individual to learn to train others in the process of NMA, as the development of flow state by taking the lead training context, brings forth high levels of personal responsibility and congruence, as well as linguistic and cognitive awareness. The move from the student to the master, is the essential step to break-out of “shell” fully, and avoid in the process of ascension a point of “hard shell”, where self-identification through limitation and egoistic self-importance, becomes more confident through an elevated illusory superiority.

There are four aspects to NMA that must be masted through extensive training. 

  • Quantum psychology — the understanding of human alchemic transformation 
  • Theoretical consciousness — the exploration of beliefs and perceptions 
  • Noncombative argument —  the mastery of linguistics for critical thought 
  • Polymathic training — the leveraging of the unconscious in hemispheric synchronisation   

Consciousness development, requires the individual to want to grow, and develop the mind as an absolute priority towards a life-long journey of personal, social and universal exploration. 

It is also essential for the future of humanity, and represents a division within the human race of those who will evolve into a more ascendant race, and those who will simply become ever less aware. This is an evolutionary watershed, and one that AI will be the catalyst to the emergence of Human 3.0 through the great re-evolution.  

Forged from the Future: the Ubiquity Experiment

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What you need to know

What is Neuroplastic Mental Acceleration & how can it help your business?

Most Leadership & Management and coaching programs are based around taking an already overloaded and stressed mind and introducing more information. It’s like asking a 16 bit computer to run a 64 bit program. The results aren’t especially good, resulting in toxic stress which causes brain damage. >> READ MORE 

Senior Executives

If you are a decision-maker or someone who recognises the impact automation & AI will have on the workplace, you will know that having a sustainable Career B plan as an exit strategy — using your current skills, is a fundamental requirement for your own future and the future of those in your charge. >> READ MORE

Our Background

With over fifteen years of individual and group research to find the best in people and how to release it, our programs are drawn from the work of the world’s greatest minds… from Socrates to Freud, Jung to Haanel, Hill to Maslow, combined with our own proprietary research, and as such we lead the way in developing neuroplastic mental acceleration. >> READ MORE

How we work

We assess your potential recruits, current staff, and those you may intend to let go, for high levels of PQ – potential quota, which reveals who you should invest into for growth. Our assessments reveal that the brain’s neuroplasticity is flexible and they have the capacity to develop in terms of greater innovation, creative problem-solving, critical thought, empathic understanding and co-creative abilities. These are the staff you want to have on your team. >> READ MORE

NMA Personal Training

Whether it is for your personal development, your own career or your business, this life-changing training is for everyone who would like to develop their agility of mind and skills such as communication, confidence, entrepreneurial thinking, flow-state and creativity. If you ever suffered brain fog, confusion, doubt, procrastination, or stress – NMA is your answer. >> READ MORE

The MindGYM

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Our Panel Of International Experts

Doctor of Philosphy – PhD Physics | Harvard Business School | Forbes Business Council

PhD Genetics | CEO, Futurist and Author | Blockchain Research Institute | Healthcare and the Metaverse

Assistant Clinical Professor | Psychiatry Director | University of Utah

Peter Sage

United Kingdom

International Serial Entrepreneur | TEDx Speaker| B

Isabelle Nüssli


Amazon #1 Bestselling Author | Corporate Governance | Blockchain & Crypto | Stanford University | Harvard Business School | University of St. Gallen

Agile & Lean Management | Organisational Leadership | Technology, Digitalisation & Innovation | Growth & Strategy

Alex Szomora


Angel Investor | Entrepreneur & CEO | FinTech, Blockchain & Crypto | NFT’s and the Metaverse | GTM Strategy | Alliance MBS

CEO & Entrepreneur | Innovator | Futurist & Visionary Thinker | London Business School

Strategic Change Leader | UN Women Taskforce | Bestselling Author | Cornell University | University of Cambridge

Business Development & Transformation | Accountancy & Finance | Strategy Consultant | Chartered Accountant

Rajinder Jhol


Change Catalyst | Tech Entrepreneur | Spiritual Advisor | I4ADA and UNESCO | Digitalisation & Governance | Author

Manish Mak

United Kingdom

Founder & CEO Formula Media | New Media Strategist | Multi-Award Winner | Blue-Chip Media Advisor | MEFA Mentor | University Lecturer

Zafar Karim

United Kingdom

Tech Entrepreneur | CEO/Chair and Board Member | Growth | Finance | Governance | Cambridge University | Oxford University

Global Innovation and Growth Strategy | Stanford University | Harvard Business School

Kern Frost


Entrepreneur & Founder | Expert in Neuroplastic Mental Acceleration | Hypnosis & Therapy | Author


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There is far too much pontification and procrastination from platitudes in the world, so this event is about rolling up our sleeves to deal with the real problems we face as a race TODAY. These events are not for the faint hearted but the conscious and aware leaders who are preparend to argue their position and put their beliefs to the test.



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