We operate monthly and yearly courses in learning the most advanced systems in Neuroplastic Mental Acceleration (NMA).

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200 plus x 1 Hour MindGYM Polymathic training sessions per annum. Every weekday across the year at CET 8pm. These continuous professional development sessions incorporate public speaking, NCA (non combative argument) and strategic influence, all in flow state/hemispheric synchronisation.

£100 per month or £900 one off annual payment (25% saving).

200 plus x 1 hour MindGYm training sessions plus digital power program of over 200 hours of audio visual training sessions & ten supporting books.

£200 per month or £1680 one off payment (30% saving).

Six months live POLYMATHIC TRAINING & DIGITAL “SCIENCES OF THE UNKNOWN UNIVERSE COURSE”, in self & social actualisation, as well as the eight steps of ascension.

£6000 or £1200 per month.

One-2-One training in Quantum Psychology, Theoretical Consciousness & NON Combative Argument. Three modules of Change, Development & Masters totalling 40 hours of personal NMA training.

£15000 or three payments of £6000.

Three months trainer trainer one-to-one foundation training, followed by 9 months mentoring in all aspects of NMA (Neuroplastic Mental Acceleration) , CCT (Conscious Change Therapy), NCA (Non-combative Argument, & Polymathic Training, in order to work as a tutor within the University & on the Human Blockchain.


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