Application Process

To apply for enrolment to all Consciousness University courses, an initial 30 minute interview is required, followed by a written proposal. The University application process is open to anyone regardless of age, education, experience or background. Our criteria for acceptance is primarily a high level of PQ — potential quota, which is the state of the individual’s capacity for mental growth at any one time — how active their mind is in surfacing. This varies throughout life, and in terms of consciousness is known as “the shift”, from the unconsciously unaware ascendant mind, to the consciously ascendant aware mind. The shift from the the socially inauthentic shell identity, to the core spiritual identity in line with the destiny path.

Our programs require the individual to be surfacing, and thus open to the shift; consequently our application process is an assessment of PQ -potential quota, SQ – spiritual quota, and EQ – empathetic quota. 

Please apply in the first instance, by writing to:

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