We invite applications from individuals who would like to work with us for the greater good of humanity. As an NGO educational body, leading the consciousness training, research and development arena, we have a number of roles that are open to those interested in this discipline.


We are open to receiving applications from people who would like to work in promotions, marketing, community or sales support. This requires a passion for developing the human race in all aspects, physical, mental and spiritual.


We are interested in minds — young and old, who would like the opportunity to learn how an NGO works and support the lead team in developing global initiatives that will help expand human consciousness.


Individuals who would like to work in partnership, providing training initiatives in all aspects of human development for the future.


We actively approach corporations and SME’s to advise and train senior management on the future of work, and we are always interested in experienced B2B professionals who can open conversations at the highest levels.


For those who have completed our training structures either at the polymathic level or the NMA certified level, we provide career opportunities on a full or part time basis.

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