A technical understanding of consciousness is essential to develop the mind’s capability to think in ever more expansive and agile ways. Once mastery of NMA is achieved, the student will be capable of superior levels of awareness and understanding, as well as entering super-creative states. In terms of business or personal relationships, the ability to navigate challenges with emotional control and strategic thought, are fundamentals that NMA trains students in.

Learning consciousness is both a technical subject, as well as being a very practical discipline. We have broken down aspects of consciousness into 100 primary schematics, so the student can learn the structures of the seven keys awareness whilst actively applying the principles of NMA on a daily basis though the entrepreneurial training platform, and the HUMAN BLOCKCHAIN — a fully autonomous blockchain training structure, utilising VR & AR technology.

To learn NMA, students must first learn to master their self-programming language and thought patterns, their emotional management, their polarity management, the structure of their unconsciously adopted personal perspective reality, and the defence mechanisms of the shell.

Next they are required to ascend the eight stages of the Sciences Of The Unknown Universe, whilst developing a personal philosophical belief system in line with their destiny path. This requires mastery of non-combative argument and the formation of a personal philosophical belief system that explains life, life before life, and life after life, whilst also being practical to live by.

The next move is into releasing the experiential wisdom bank, and connection to the quantum field, by opening the mindspace for channeling in flow state, utilising gamma and theta brainwaves, whilst leveraging the unconscious mind for a massive upgrade in mental agility and creative performance.

The NMA training program that is at the core of the Consciousness University, is the most advanced human development program in the world, founded on years of research into multiple aspects of human consciousness, mental suppression and latent capacity. The training process is open through individual application.

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