To consider applying to enter the Consciousness University, the first step would be to research the subject of NMA through two initial reads. Firstly, “The Cult Of One, The Culture Of Many, The Creation Of an AI God In Our Likeness”, and secondly “Human 3.0 The Great Re-Evolution”.

The “Cult Of One” is an explanation of our relationship with ourselves, our society, and AI, from a psychological point of view. “Human 3.0” is a technical introduction into NMA and how society is moving forward.

NEW RELEASE: “NMA (Neuroplastic Mental Acceleration) – How to scientifically develop your mind” – The third book in the NMA book series.

How To Built The Cult Of One
The Cult Of Many
& an AI God In Our Own Likeness

The Cult of One is essential reading for any serious coach, psychologist, entrepreneur, CEO, or parent. It’s the quintessential read that covers why humanity prefers failure to success, and why it is set in self-destruction, unless that is we upgrade our consciousness to the next level for our relationship with AI.

The Book has three fundamental sections:
Section one — the cult of one, explores why we think in the way we do, why we believe what we do, and how to develop the mind so what we think makes sense and can expand the neuroplasticity.

Section two — the culture of many, discusses how we can take what we think if it is congruent, and influence others, in terms of personal and business environments, by creating effective, objective and substantiated argument. 

Section three — discusses why what we think and say will have a direct result on the development of AI and the future of humanity. What AI will likely become.

As such, the book comes with considerable gravitas as an introduction for all people into a practical understanding of the future of work, AI, and human potential.

29,95 CHF

Human 3.0 - The Great Re-Evolution

The ultimate guide to developing your mind for the coming decade. A unique interactive book including over 30 schematics, QR codes and audio tapes.

This book is designed to help you to take the first step to develop your mind in the context of what the pages and the audio links can do. It is not an exchange of views about what you do or don’t believe, or what you do or don’t agree with. Everything you currently think creates your perspective reality, your interior map of what you think the exterior universe is or should be, and your identity within it.

Thought is a band width and a frequency that only reveals a world within those personal constraints, Thus we are governed by the known, or what we think we know and forget that we do not know what we do not know.

Note: Each development schematic has a QR code or embedded link that will take you to an auditory explanation of the subject.

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NMA (Neuroplastic Mental Acceleration) – How to scientifically develop your mind

NMA — Neuroplastic Mental Acceleration is THE industry of the future, and the core foundation for our children’s future educational system.

Right now — if you lost your job, your business, or even your industry & career, what would be your next move? Your next step? What’s your B plan? What skills do you have that put you in a strong position in the coming age of AI – or are you still living in old paradigms of understanding and denial to get you through an uncertain future?

If you are unaware of NMA — then it’s a subject you really need to explore – become familiar with – and achieve a professional level of certification in.

Without it, your future and your family’s future will not just be at risk or in peril, but facing its demise in terms of the capability and capacity to navigate the challenges social change through the digital revolution will bring.

The future requires agile, innovative minds, super-creative problem-solvers, with high levels of critical thinking, co-creation and empathetic understanding. Is this you?

This book will lay out what you can do TODAY — to recover your lost potential, which means the genius levels of innovative and creative potential that lie dormant within you. And most importantly, how you can use NMA to pivot your career — at a pivotal time in human evolution — so you can be a visionary leader in the technological age of consciousness development we are living through.

So — what can you do to help humanity to survive its biggest challenge: this book will give your the answers, the direction and the path. All you need to do is take the first step into a new world, a world that’s urgently waiting for you to wake up. It really is a time of the survival of the fittest, and this means physically and mentally fit enough to face future challenges that are as yet beyond our comprehension.

So what’s it to be – victim, passenger or driver? NMA — is for the drivers of the future, and your future starts here.

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NMA Book Series

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